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The 2.14 acre site is on a quiet cul-de-sac, and is entered from the South, off a wide town road. The entire driveway is flat. Turnarounds are a convenient feature.

The driveway gets full East-South-West sun, which helps in snow and ice melt in the winter. There is considerable south exposure, and the front yard thus has a wide range of landscape options.

Extensive backyard with grass, with slopes that would be great for snow sledding. Trees on property are well cared for and have been maintained with trimming and pruning.

The principle entrance to the house is a curving structure with custom built curving beams. It was anticipated as being finished with stone paving and a grand main entrance door after other construction is complete. With suitable landscaping, the driveway would have a courtyard feel to it. Visitors would have a sense of arrival at the front door.

Large granite slabs have been installed at secondary entrances on the South and North.

A stone-paved open terrace was envisioned North of the house, outside the formal living room.

The site has wetlands, and ledge, both of which are common conditions in Weston. Required clearances are provided from all protected areas such as wetlands. Everything on site is built to current code and with proper permits.

The house runs mostly East to West, thereby providing extensive South-facing roofs for future photo-voltaic panels.