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The foundation footings, walls, and slabs are poured concrete, and the new construction is structurally independent of the original construction.

The crawl space is insulated below the concrete slab, as well as the outside of the foundation walls, with the intent to have a conditioned crawl space. Below the slab there is a network of perforated pipes for venting to the roof as a precaution against radon.

The concrete slab of the garage is also insulated below the concrete with two inches of rigid foam, so the space can be heated and used in cold weather.

All exterior walls are 2x6 construction, in order to provide the depth for a well-insulated building envelope. The intent was to insulate the walls and roof with spray foam.

There is one-inch rigid foam insulation with foil on the outside of all walls, to provide a thermal break between the framing of the house and the outdoors.