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The site is optimally developed. Utilities are in-place to support the existing house, Addition, and Barn.

The on-site well supplies plentiful good quality water. Well water was tested by the owner in 1998 when buying the property, and twice since. No problems have ever surfaced.

The existing septic system is permitted to discharge from a six-bedroom house. A 10-bedroom septic system design for the site, stamped by an engineer, is approved and on file at the Weston Westport Health District (WWHD). As part of the approval process of the connection of the new construction to the existing septic system, the septic system was inspected by the WWHD on 06/16/2014.

Broadband internet service Currently the service provider Optimum offers internet service "Up to 940 Mbps download." Historically actual connection speeds have matched advertised service claims and often exceeded them, possibly due to low population density that results in fewer subscribers sharing the infrastructure. A dedicated cable is available for internet service from the street, separate from the cable over which cable-TV service is delivered.

Cell phone coverage is solid on all major carriers.

Electric service to the house is 200 Amps. Should the need arise for 400 Amps service, conduits are already buried in the ground from the street pole to the house and sized for increased service. A spare conduit from the street pole runs to the house for future services that may become available. A large amount of south-facing roof area is available for photovoltaic arrays to generate solar power.

A high-efficiency propane fired boiler to produce heat and hot water was recently installed, and is sized to serve the Addition as well as the original house.

Should the owner finish the upper area of the Barn, a pipe to contain a water supply line, a sewer connection, conduits for electrical and other cabling, as well as a propane supply line, are already installed so the cost and disruption of further digging up of the site is avoided, as well as the cost of additional permits and inspections.

Two one-thousand gallon propane tanks are buried in the front yard with convenient access for filling. An extensive network of gas piping and valves distributes gas to five locations on the site: kitchen in the Addition, heating boiler that serves the Addition and existing house, planned location for electric generator, kitchen in existing house, and the Barn.