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Expansion potential

The most significant constraint to size of houses in Weston is the capacity of the septic system, which determines the occupancy of the house and therefore the number of bedrooms. The building permit for the Tower House is for six bedrooms with no change required to the existing septic system.

Subsequently, a permit was added for a half-bath at the Barn loft. The current plan lays out three bedrooms in the Addition, and three in the original house, though the six could be located differently after town review. If a new owner wants to add bedrooms, a 10-bedroom septic system design by adding to the existing system is approved and on file at the WWHD.

All building permits are in the name of the owner, whose understanding is that they would transfer to a new owner who would be free to engage any contractor he/she wishes.

A swimming pool could be built between the Barn and the Addition.

For a large and/or growing family, a joint multi-generation family, or for individuals who require a variety of spaces to accommodate their personal, professional, and social lifestyle, this house offers uncommon possibilities.